We do not have auditions for the chorus, but we do run auditions on a per-opera basis for principal roles. We are currently planning for our next opera, Elixir of Love, and auditions will be held on the 20th October at the Music House at St Mary's College Crosby, L23 5TW - the same location as we have our regular rehearsals.

The opera will be sung in English, but audition pieces can be given in any language or translation. The roles and audition pieces are below (rehearsal and page numbers are from the Schirmer edition):

There will be an Audition Fee of £20 for non-members, and all those who wish to perform must become members. Credit for the audition fee will be given to any singer who subsequently becomes a member. Membership fees are detailed here.

We welcome chorus singers without audition and will do our best to support those who have little experience of public singing. There is also a need for volunteers onstage, offstage, front of house and all areas of production.

To apply for an audition, or if you are interested in joining us in any capacity, contact us via email at or leave a message on our answerphone at 0151 558 1552